Crawl Bot

Inaccessible crawlspace days are over.

Go where other inspectors can’t

In the event our inspectors cannot gain access into a crawlspace they now have the capability to deploy the crawl bot. We will always crawl a crawlspace we can fit into. However, The Crawl Bot can go where and see what the inspector cannot. This is just one of the tools we utilize to ensure we provide our clients the best inspection possible.

The inspector can use the Crawl Bot to virtually look around an inaccessible crawl space and to take pictures or live video of defects found. It can pan left and right, look up or down and go places in between. The inspector can then take this information and present it into the home inspection report for the client.

Things found with our Crawl Bot

Here are some examples of the defects that could be found in an inaccessible crawlspace while using the Crawl Bot.

  • Cracked Foundations
  • Leaking Waste Pipes
  • Moisture Damaged Wood Sub Floors
  • Open Electrical Boxes
  • Unsecured Wiring
  • Damaged Framing
  • Non Insulated Sub Floor
  • HVAC Ducts in contact with the Ground
  • Rodent and Animal Issues

Crawl Bot Image Examples



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