Home Inspection Glossary

the InterNACHI Glossary

Thermal Imaging Helps Find Hidden Damages

It is always important to take care of the noticeable damages around your home. But what about those hidden blows? You might be thinking, “out of sight, out of mind,” but the damages you cannot see may cause more problems than the ones you can. Have no fear, as with...

Thermal Imaging And You

Home inspections are an important part of the home buying, selling, and renovating process. Knowing what’s in your walls and the condition of your equipment before selling or beginning demolition for updates can help you prepare for a costly delay or ensure peace of...

Our 2023 Inspection Recap

2022 was another year full of inspection innovation, new trends, and successful projects. As we look forward to 2023, we recap the past year while gearing up for the new year ahead.2022 Recap This year we had the pleasure of teaching our clients about new technologies...

Go Where Others Can’t!

In the event, our inspectors cannot gain access to a crawlspace they now have the capability to deploy the crawl bot. Guaranteeing the complete inspection, every time!

The Crawl Bot

Image Text: We will always crawl a crawlspace we can fit into, but for especially tight spaces we deploy The Crawl Bot. The Crawl Bot can go where no inspector can! With its help, we provide our clients the best inspection possible so you know without a doubt any...

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