Drain Line Inspections

Image Text: Your main line connects to the municipal sewer system, located underground and carrying wastewater away from your home. Drain lines are connected to your home plumbing fixtures and connect directly to your main line as opposed to a sewer or septic tank. When you’re having an issue with one drain line, you can generally still use the plumbing everywhere else in the home because they aren’t connected. Just as drain lines and main lines are different, so are the fixes, locations, and costs involved. The mainline can be inspected with a camera to identify the problem at hand but a drain line cannot. Sometimes, a severely damaged mainline will require a crew to dig up all or part of your yard to get to the sewer line. A regular drain line would be fixed by a plumber who will be working inside the home the entire time. Whichever your situation you don’t want to spend unnecessary money in a repair that a drain line inspection could have prevented!

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