With the summer heat in full effect, there is no better time to be a pool owner than July. Being able to take a dip to combat the sweltering temperatures is a feeling like no other. And after a dip in the cold waters, what better way to regroup than by spending a few moments in your spa. While these fixtures are great, they also can be subject to issues. The last thing you want is to be stuck with the bill for repairs or replacement. Keeping up with your pool and spa is essential, which is why you should have pool and spa inspection done by The Property Inspection Pros. 

When working with our certified pool and spa inspectors, they will come in and keep an eye out for key areas of these fixtures. Some of those include:

Safety features that meet local requirements

Physical visual conditions of the structure, interior surfaces, materials, and tiles

The condition and functionality of the equipment of the pool and spa, such as pumps, valves, visible plumbing, heater, filters, electrical components, lights, etc.

The conditions of your backyard, as well your deck and coping that surround the pool and spa

Other unique features and accessories in the area

Regardless if you are a buyer, seller, or home owner, having a pool and spa inspection is a surefire way to ensure that only these fixtures are operational, but also saves you from breaking the bank to fix them. When choosing an inspection service, choose our reliable team at The Property Inspection Pros. To get this process started, head over to our contact page to get in touch with us.

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