Aeriel Roof Inspections

We are proud to announce here at The Property Inspection Pros that we now offer Ariel Roof Inspections. What does this mean for you? It means a more thorough inspection, even when a roof is not accessible. It means we are better able to find defects, and to provide...

Commercial Building Inspections in San Diego

When buying a commercial building, the property inspection is one of the most critical steps. Any property comes with risk, but even more so with a commercial property. As a business person, you know the value of having a complete and thorough inspection of your new...

How To Deal With Tobacco Odor In Your New Home

Have you just bought your dream house? Perhaps its everything you have been looking for. The only problem is that the previous owners were smokers. Now you have the issue the whole home seems to be saturated with tobacco fumes. What can you do about it? How easy is it...

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