A part of your home that you might not think much about is the wiring inside your walls, but if it is old and in bad shape, it could pose a fire hazard. Sometimes problems with your wiring won’t be detected until you install a new light fixture or replace a wall receptacle. Wires that have been stationary for decades might have their insulation disintegrate when moved. It could also be that your outlets aren’t grounded properly. The old fashioned outlets without a ground might simply have been replaced with a grounded one without the actual wiring to support it.

Some older homes might even have aluminum wiring. You can identify this by looking for the word aluminum stamped on it, or the abbreviation CO/ALR.

Aluminum degrades quicker than other wiring materials, and this can cause a fire.

Whenever you suspect you have a problem, you should consult an electrician, since trying to fix serious problems on your own very well could make things even worse.

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