Winter’s coming to a close and there’s no better time to inspect your property than spring. Wintertime maintenance is often skipped over due to weather and temperatures challenges, but winter ice and rain can do some real damage to your home or the home you’re trying to buy. Don’t delay! Here are some of the most important things to inspect this spring.

Doors and Windows

Inspecting windows is more than just spot cleaning. In winter and summer, you don’t want to be running up your electrical bill with air conditioning and heating, which makes spring inspection of your doors and windows crucial. Make sure everything is sealed properly and there is no air escaping to save you money! Another important factor of door and window inspections is to prepare for summer storms. Make sure your glass is firm and your doors are prepared for wind and rain to keep your home dry and your family safe.


A leaking roof is one of the areas that needs the most maintenance in your home, second only to your foundation in importance during an inspection. Wear and tear is normal over the years and most asphalt shingle roof systems last an average of 20 to 25 years, but heavy snow or rain, hail, winds, and even animal damage can shorten its lifespan. A damaged roof will result in damage to the interior of your home — whether it’s mold, structural water damage, or pests that have snuck inside your home to live rent-free— a spring inspection will help clarify the state of your home so you can stop damage before it becomes out of control.

Getting Ahead With Spring Inspections

Summer is a hot time for home sales, which means inspectors are often booked for the season before summer even begins. Spring inspections allow you to get ahead of the competition while also catching any possible damages early on — independent of your desire to buy or sell a home. Inspections at the surface level can be done by a homeowner with a sharp eye, but nothing beats an inspection done by a professional. That’s why it’s important that you call The Property Inspection Pros today for an expert opinion on the state of your current or future home!

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