Hot housing markets and low interest rates have led to quick sales, with many homes going quickly and buyers opting to waive the inspection, but is it worth it? Skipping an inspection will cost you. Learn about how home inspectors are staying up to date with new inspection trends!

New Technology

The usage of technology is expected to increase in the near future, with Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML). Virtual reality headsets can help bring the client along with the inspection, allowing them to visualize exactly what is of importance in their home or new property purchase. Offering virtual walkthroughs, online scheduling, mobile apps, geospatial data and drones to offer more information in reports through aerial visualization, using lead and asbestos detection, and infrared thermal mapping can really set a home inspector apart from the crowd.

What used to be undiscoverable can now be easily uncovered in a residence where the lack of technology previously deemed it difficult or impossible without removing walls and causing disruption to the home.

Declining Inspection Trends?

With the seller’s market craze of 2020 and 2021, many buyers were willing to skip out on the inspection for a quick sale, but according to Forbes, seventy-two percent of Americans say that a home inspection is advantageous. This means that the lower demand for inspectors is an outcome of the symptom from the market by desperate buyers and not a decision made in good conscience.

This means that all inspectors have to do is wait for the cooling of the market and the wave of inevitable buyer regret when it comes to skipping an inspection. Homeowners are becoming more aware of why a home inspection is necessary and with the rise of technology, transparency makes a report more tangible and understandable. As the housing grew in 2021 and new builds are expected to continue at full force after the housing shortage, inspectors will be needed to guarantee these new homes are safe to live in and up to code. You never know when a building company may try to take shortcuts to speed up home production!

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