Do you have hardwood floors in your home? They are usually appreciated for their beauty, but unfortunately, that beauty can be marred when there are scratches on the floor. This can easily happen if someone drags heavy furniture across the floor without protection underneath it. It is, however, possible to repair scratches and make the floor look like new again.

A deep scratch will need 180 grit sandpaper to be used at first. The next step is to fill in the area with premixed wood filler that matches the color of your flooring. After it dries, sand again to smooth it out. To remove any dust from sanding the floor, you can rub mineral spirits on the floor. After all of this, you can refinish the floor using polyurethane or something similar. If the scratch is not too deep, rubbing along the grain with steel wool will probably be enough, and after cleaning away the dust, use polyurethane to get it to match the surrounding floor.

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