Many people today have chosen to move away from large houses, or even mansions, in order to move to a tiny home. A tiny home is usually considered one that is smaller than 1000 sq ft, but sometimes it could be as little as 100 sq ft.

They might be seeking a simpler life, or just want to save on their bills. The savings can be quite significant. You can heat and power a tiny home for only a fraction of what you would a “normal size home”. It will also save you time, since cleaning and other maintenance require a lot less time.

If you are concerned about the environment, you will be glad to know that moving to a tiny home will greatly decrease your impact on it.

It might be a downside for you if you have a family and you end up with a lot less personal space, but then again, many find this to be another of the positive aspects of living in a tiny home.

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