No one relishes the thought of this, but as we get older and well into our retirement years, we might need to start thinking about ways to adjust our home to be more convenient to use in the future. Maybe you’re thinking what do we mean by this? As we all know, advancing age is very often accompanied by various health issues, limited mobility being one of them. For some, with retirement, might come a more limited income. What are some of the things that can be done ahead of time to prepare for these possibilities?

If you have been thinking about doing some home improvements, you might also want to think about incorporating features that would be easy to use for anyone who has limited mobility. What types of features could be included?

Are you considering re-doing the flooring in the near future? Perhaps you could consider installing slip resistant flooring or low density carpet.

There are other additions you could make that would make life easier such as installing easy to clean surfaces, intercoms or video phones, even a central vacuum system could prove very convenient. You also may want to consider installing better lighting in areas like closets. If you are planning to redo the closet, think about adding adjustable shelving and hanging rods, also make adjustments so that the closet door is easy to open.

These are some of the simpler things to do that in the long term could help someone who is getting older to be able to stay in their much loved home for longer. There are many more things that can be done and these will be discussed in future articles.

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