The safety of a young child is number 1 on parents minds. However, some areas in your house may not be as safe as you’d like them to be if you have a child between the ages of two and six. What are some dangers in the house, and what can you do to safeguard your children from them?

Nearly 8,000 children are sent to the ER every day, averaging around 2.8 million every year from non-fatal injuries. So the first step in protecting your child from windows would be to move any furniture from the windows area to make it less accessible for the child. Secondly, by installing windows stops will allow the windows to only be opened to a certain point, maybe 4 inches, thus removing the possibility that a child could put their head out the window or even a limb.

Stairs are another huge danger to young children. Having a safety gate either at the top of the staircase or at the bottom will prevent your child from gaining access to the stairway, which would potentially lead to a fall. Also, your railing along your staircase poses yet another problem. The child may want to climb on it, put their head through the risers, etc. Having the height of your ballisters be between 34″-36″ inches will not allow the child access to the top of the railing, and having 4″ space between each riser will keep the child from putting a limb though.

Keeping all these tips in mind will help you to further protect your child from potential dangers in the home.

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