Any of us who have moved house know that it is one of the most stressful things to deal with. There are so many things we need to do. Very often, even when we think we have planned it all well, when it comes to the day of the move we just end up shoving everything we can into random boxes or throwing a ton of stuff in the garbage. At a stressful time like this, being conscious of the environment isn’t always our top priority. What are some ways, then, to prepare to move and at the same time be conscious of the impact we could be having on the environment?

A big key to success is doing a lot of sorting out long before we relocate. You may find that by putting some of these steps into practice even if you are not moving, your life can feel a lot more organized.

As obvious as this statement sounds, the less we have, the less we will have to move in the future. Before buying an item, think about whether you really need it and where to put it. Periodically go through the things you no longer use. This is the best time to decide what to do with them, because you have time to think carefully about it. When it comes to that stressful moving day, items like this, might just end up in a box that you will take years to unpack, or end up in the trash.

Recycling is a great way to protect the environment. Try to recycle your unwanted items. Start sorting things you no longer need into piles, some for recycling and some for a possible yard sale. By doing this far in advance of a move, you will minimize the stress later on.

We keep many environmental hazards in our homes and garages. On moving day we may be tempted to throw them in the garbage because we are in a rush. Again take time beforehand to dispose of potential hazards in a responsible way, for example chemicals, paint cans, light bulbs, unwanted electronics, batteries etc. should all be disposed of properly. There are many places nowadays where you can take these types of unwanted things. It might be a good idea to call your local environmental agency who can tell you the best way to dispose of them.

In summary, while moving can be a horribly stressful experience, simplifying ahead of time will help you to alleviate some of the stress whilst protecting the environment.

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